Enterprise Class Print Server

All print jobs in the Photogize system are processed by Graphx’ award-winning RasterPlus print server software.

RasterPlus is a field-proven photo-printing workhorse. Over 15,000 copies of RasterPlus have been sold to the most demanding print professionals in over 42 countries around the world. And leading photo equipment manufacturers like Kodak, Fuji, Gretag, and Polaroid have integrated RasterPlus technology into their digital photo print solutions.

Print to all minilabs and photo printers

RasterPlus includes optimized, direct drivers for Agfa D-labs; Fuji Frontier wet and dry labs; Noritsu QSS & EzController wet and dry labs; HP-OM ML dry minilab’s; Kodak DLS minilab’s; Digital Portal minilab’s; Konica minilab’s; Gretag Netprinter; Fuji Pictro printers; and Kodak and Sony dye-sublimation printers

Enterprise Networking

RasterPlus is a true network print server because its printers can be published on the network to any Macintosh or Windows client. Now each print queue can be published independently, so clients can have their own queue with properties tailored to meet their needs. Simply File-Print from your favorite client application and RasterPlus will do the rest!

Hot folder Printing

You can set up one or more “hot folders”, each having a custom configuration of paper size, copy count, etc.. SImply drop files into the folder from anywhere on the network and watch them instantly print.

Drag-and-Drop Printing

You can drag-and-drop files or whole folders to RasterPlus without first loading them into an application to print, saving valuable time.

RasterPlus directly prints over 20 file formats including PostScript 2 and 3, PDF, EXIF, multi-page GIF, EPS, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PCX, TARGA, SUN Raster, MAC PICT, CALS, GEM Image, Portable Network Graphics, Kodak Photo CD, Kodak FlashPix, MacPaint, and Microsoft Paint.

Print to Hold

You can print from Photogize Lab to the RasterPlus Hold Pane for optimal workflow staging.

Cloak any printer with a Windows driver

RasterPlus can “cloak” or mask any standard Windows print driver so that it can be used in the Photogize system.

Automatic Index Printing

Just click the Index Print icon and all the files in the Hold Pane will appear on an index print. Simply specify the number of images you want on a page, choose filename printing – on or off, and RasterPlus does the rest! Now it’s simple to create proof sheets, one-page PowerPoint presentations, and quick album pages!

Application printing

RasterPlus publishes a standard Windows Postscript driver that can be shared. You can print from any application on your local machine, RasterPlus takes care of the rest.

Photo Document printing

You can drag and drop Postscript, EPS, or PDF files into RasterPlus and print these files to your photo printer or minicab.

Package Printing

RasterPlus can print custom photo packages with overlays and borders. PackagePlus, an accessory product, is used to design and edit the package templates.

Full back-printing support

If your minilab supports backprinting, RasterPlus can print the filename, date, and other data on the back of the print.