Simple Windows Wizard Interface

Now your Windows customers can easily send print orders to your store using a simple Windows application.

The PrintWizard guides your customers through a four step wizard. Just:

  • Select photos
  • Specify the number of copies to print
  • Enter order information
  • Click Submit!

Share your photos in PhotoCentral

PrintWizard lets you optionally upload your photos to PhotoCentral for viewing and sharing.

Unattended Order Submission

After the customer clicks Submit, the order uploads unattended. When PrintWizard has finished uploading, an Order Confirmation page is displayed that the customer can print.

Unattended Order Submission means that that even dial-up customers can experience the power of local online print fulfillment at YOUR shop!

Customize PrintWizard with your Brand

Each copy of PrintWizard on your customer’s desktop is customized with the images or logos you specify.

No Wasted Bandwidth

Remember those 4×6 print orders with 100MB files? With PrintWizard, that’s a thing of the past. PrintWizard determines the optimum file size for the customer-selected product and subsamples each image, if necessary, BEFORE uploading.

FailSafeā„¢ Uploading

If the submission of an online print order is interrupted, PrintWizard will give you the option to resubmit the print order immediately or the next time you launch the app. Only data that has not yet been successfully sent will be resent.

CD Ordering

Your customers can add CDs to your print order.

Easy To Use Editing Tools

Your customers can rotate, zoom, pan, and crop their photos. Photos can also be grayscales or sepia toned and a neat red-eye reduction tool is included. PrintWizard shows a WYSIWYG preview of each photo exactly as it will look on the target product.

Easy, Unlimited Web Distribution

We give you a link to put on your web page. Your customers click this link, download and install PrintWizard in as little as 1 minute. It’s THAT EASY!

Easy, Unlimited CD Distribution

You can also download PrintWizard and put copies on CDs to give out to every one of your customers!