Everyone agrees that SendThePix is the simplest way to move photos wirelessly from smartphones to Photogize Kiosks. While Apple iPhone owners have been able to do multi-photo uploads for years, Android phone owners have been limited to one-at-a-time photo uploads. No More! We’ve recently discovered multiple photo uploads ARE possible, and confirmed that functionality on a variety of Samsung and LG Android phones running SendThePix with a Google Chrome browser, a Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) browser, and from Google Search Box utility app*.

More good news! Enabling this new functionality requires NO changes to your customer’s phone. The only change is HOW you select your first photo with SendThePix. Instead of single-tapping the first photo you select to upload, PRESS and HOLD the photo. A new dialog will open that enables you to select additional photos for uploading. Now select the additional photos you wish to upload. Then tap the …Send Now button and your multi-photo upload will start. It’s that simple. If you have any questions or issues please post then on our HelpDesk.

*FYI our testing included a visit to our local Sprint store. The store personnel were friendly and happy to help test SendThePix on multiple phones.

For more details, or to add SendThePix functionality to your Kiosks visit SendThePix.